Holy Water Points

The water from this pool is supposed to have descended from the heavens and fallen at the top of this hill which in turn flows as Nupura Ganga. Taking a holy bath in this water is said to fulfill the desires of the people and so it is also called as ‘Ishta Siddhi’. In ‘Silappatikaram ‘ there is a mention of three springs found in this hill namely, ‘Sravanam’ ,’ Bava Tarani’ and ‘Ishra Siddhi’.

This water from the spring is rich in minerals. It is found to contain minerals like Iron and Copper. It is also believed that it could cure a number of diseases. It tastes sweet. There is a mystery surrounding the ‘Utsavamoorthi’ or ‘uthsava idol’ of God Kallalagar here, which is made of an alloy with a high percentage of pure gold, that it is bathed in any water other than from this spring water, the idol turns black instantaneously.

There is a spring here for Lord Hanuman known as Hanuman theertham (devotee of Rama). Just above it is the “Garuda Theertham”. On the northern side of the temple we find ‘utara naryanavani ‘- the water from here is used for bathing the rest of the idols.