Welcome to Arulmigu Kallalagar Temple
Located 21 kms northwest of Madurai is a Vishnu Temple on a picturesque wooded hill.Here ‘Vishnu’ presides as Meenakshi’s brother ‘Azhgar’. During the Chitrai festival in April/May.
 Vishva Rupam 6.00 AM
 Pongal Kalam 7.00 AM
 UcchikKalam 12.00 PM
 Sayarakchai 5.00 PM
 Nithiyana Santhanam 6.30 PM
 Sampakkalam 8.00 PM



Chithirai Grand festival. Chithirai festival of this temple celebrated for ten days is one of the declared festivals of Tamilnadu Government. This fes tival day is declared as Local Holiday. In chithirai, Lord Kallalagar starts from Alagarkovil in the form of Kallar Read More


Vasandha festival. The Festival dramatically re enacts the visitation of Lord Kallalagar to Madurai from Alagarkovil. Lakhs of devotees flock to river Vaigai to personally witness the event of lord Alagar stepping down into the river and to get his blessings. Read More


Muppala festival. The next morning Alagar in the form of Kallar returns to Alagarkovil in 'Poo Pallakku' (Palanquin decorated with flowers) In the month of April and may, each year the great Chitra festival is celebr ated on Pournami (full moon day). Read More

The temple is built on an extensive area in a very picturesque spot, surrounded by the ruins of a historic fort.The impressive main tower at the entrance,be lieved to have been built by the Pandyan Kings, has some beautiful sculptures depicting scenes from the epics. According to historical records, Malayadhwaja Pandyan, son of Kulasekhara Pandyan, who is said to have established the Pandy an kingdom, appears to be the earliest known monarch who patronised this temple.

The Annadhanam scheme was started in the temple Read More


Chithirai festival of this temple celebrated for Read More


The water from this pool is supposed to have descended from the heavens Read More

Nupura Ganga

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